Belt Conveyors

The belt conveyors consist of parts like pulleys (drive, tail, snub), rollers (Troughing, impact, return), belt, and cleaners (external/internal), take up unit, etc. These can be advanced or simple in structure based on system requirement.

They can be used to transport bulk materials and packaged bags in a straight line or through changes in elevation or direction. They are widely used in cement, mining, sugar, power, and other engineering industries. According to different transferring equipment, the transfer system can consist of one independent or multiple conveyors. It can be even combined with other transfer equipments. The belt conveyer can be installed horizontally or inclined to meet the needs of different transfer lines. For a large capacity bulk handling materials, we offer cost effective & most reliable Conveyors.

we can manufacture conveyors specifically designed to efficiently move bulk materials such as Cement, Coal, Limestone, Fertilizers, Sand, Soda, Ash, Woof Chips, Bauxite & many other Ores, either horizontally or inclined.


Lime, Coal, Ore, Cement Handling Sugar & Fertilizer industries. Bags Handling. Thermal Power Stations. Foundry, Food grains handling.

Every Saikrupa conveyor is individually designed and engineered for total reliability even under the most demanding service conditions. Saikrupa has a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians for erection and installation of conveyors. An efficient after-sales service for spares and maintenance is an integral part of Saikrupa's commitment to the industry. Saikrupa has in the last decade alone, designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned more than 1200 belt conveyors.

Such vast experience has put Saikrupa in a very favourable situation to make most appropriate techno-economic selection of a belt conveyor for any specific set of conditions for any industry such as steel. cement, coal. fertilizers, chemicals, food grains, engineering and port trusts.