Engineering skills sharpened over two decades of experience in design manufacturing and installation of conveyor systems have been incorporated in design, engineering and manufacturing of idler rollers. Idlers greatly influence belt tensions, power requirements, belt life, capacity and operational success of a conveyor, rugged and totally reliable. Saikrupa idlers are offered in various configurations to suit different duty conditions.

  • Troughing Carrying Idlers
  • Flat Carrying Idlers
  • Troughing Impact Idlers
  • Flat Impact Idlers
  • Troughing Self Aligning Idlers
  • Return Idlers
  • Return Rubber Tread Idlers
  • Return Self Aligning Idlers


The shell is made from MS ERW black steel tube as per IS: 9295. Pressed steel housing are made from CRCA sheet with calibrated bearing seat. These are simultaneously welded on to the tube by automatic MIG welding. The shaft is precision machined from bright steel bar. Standard sealing system consists of a back seal, multilip non- contact double labryinth, moulded dust cover and a rain cap.

Idler Frame

One piece fabricated steel construction with inverted angle supports and rigid support brackets with generous roll clearances. The frame is jig welded for dimensional accuracy and interchangeability. The rigidity and accuracy of the frame ensures correct roller alignment and helps keep the belt properly trained. The inverted base angle gives a self clearing design eliminating roll and belt damage due to material build-up.The frame mounting plate has open slots in the belt direction which simplifies idler installation, training adjustment and removal for inspection.

Garland Idlers

In keeping with latest international trends, Saikrupa also manufactures Garland Idlers and these can offer for replacement/new installations.

Seize resistant bearings

Investigations on several bulk material handling projects in different countries revealed that idler rollers with standard ball bearings have a tendency to become clogged with debris to such an extent that they can no longer rotate freely. Thus high friction can also develop causing over heating and the possible risk of fire. Saikrupa offers rollers fitted with seize resistant ball bearings. These bearings are used by reputed idler manufacturers all over the world and have a special design which prevents build-up of contaminants around the ball sets and reduces skidding thus preventing raceway damage and premature failure. It increases roller and belt life, saves on power, increases safety and reduces maintenance down-time.