Chain Conveyors

Chain Conveyors are an essential part of many bulk handling systems, where they are used to convey bulk materials such as powders, grains, flakes and pellets.

Drag Chain Conveyors:

This technology is mainly used in industrial applications. In Drag Conveying the material height being transported is often less than or equal to the flight height. Sometimes this can be more depending on the application. Drag conveying will literally “pull” the material along. Speeds are often much slower than en-masse conveying.

Slat Chain Conveyor

Slat Chain Conveyors are widely used in the industry due to the modularity offered by its construction. Slat Chain Conveyors can be practically used to convey any type of solid particles.

In a typical construction of a slat chain Conveyor, slats (formed metal sheet) are connected to strands of chain. The chain has special attachment on which these slats are mounted.

Slats can be formed in L type, C type, U type construction. Slat Size & thickness of the slat depends upon the load & application requirements. Chain size & no. of strands of chain depends upon load on the Conveyor & the length of the Conveyor. The construction of these slats is that it can be removed easily.

This type of Conveyor can be used for light, medium & heavy duty applications.

Portable Conveyor

Portable conveyors that can be moved anywhere any time. Compact light weight design, or wheel-mounted for maneuverability.

This category covers a wide range of conveyors utilizing chains as the driving elements.