Industries We Serve

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Construction Sites

Feeders, Belt conveyors, Apron conveyors, Bucket elevators, Screw conveyors for stone gravel, Cement, Lime, Gypsum, Aggregates etc. Crushers, Vibrating screens, Mobile belt conveyors for stacking batching and weighing system

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Boiler Installations

Coal and ash handling plants complete with: Raw coal receiving hopper, Feeders, Belt conveyors, Bucket elevators, Vibrating screens, Coal crushers, Gates, Tramp iron magnetic separators, Rate flow indicators, Coal bunkers, Submerged Ash conveyors, Screw conveyors, Ash silos etc.

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Chemical Industries

Feeders, Belt conveyors, Bucket elevators, Screw conveyors at various stages of manufacture. Crushers, Screens, Coal and ash handling plants, Magnetic separators, Batching and weighing system.

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Coal Mines

Belt weighers, Feeders, Magnetic separators, Light duty chain conveyors, Double chain conveyors, Gate/Trunk/Underground belt conveyors.

Fertilizer Industries Icon

Fertilizer Industries

Conveyors for Rock Phosphates, Urea, Fertilizers etc. Crushers. Vibrating screens, Magnetic separators, Belt conveyors, Roller conveyors for bagged products, Batching and weighing system.

Cement Plants Icon

Cement Plants

Crushers, Vibrating screens, Batching and weighing system, Belt conveyors, Stackers, Lorry loaders, Screw feeders, Screw conveyors, Bucket elevators, Rotary table feeders, Deep bucket conveyors, Apron conveyors, Reciprocating feeders, Belt weighers and feeders.

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Poultry & Cattle Feed Industries

Equipment for conveying, storage and extraction of grain and cattle feed mix, Conveying pellets, Crushes, Vibrating screens, Magnetic separators.

Oil Mills Icon

Oil Mills

Equipment for conveying, storage and extraction of seeds like Groundnut, Soyabean, Castor, Mustard etc. and Husk. Coal and Ash handling plants, Magnetic separators.

Steel Industries Icon

Steel Industries

Conveyors for various materials like Iron ore, Coke, Limestone, Additives, Fluxes etc. Crushers, Vibrating screens, Roller & Chain conveyors for finished products, Batching & weighing system.

Synthetic Industries Icon

Synthetic Yarn Industries

Belt conveyors and Roller conveyors for handling bales, Chain and mesh conveyors for fibres, Coal & Ash handling plants, Batching and weighing system.

Sugar Mills Icon

Sugar Mills

Cleated belt conveyors, Cane carriers, Bagasse Elevator, Return Bagasse chain Conveyors, Mud belt conveyors, Sugar elevators, Portable Stackers, Lorry loaders. Sugar Silo System, Crushers, Coal & Ash Handling Plant, Magnetic Separators, Batching and weighing system.

Pulp & Paper Mills Icon

Pulp & Paper Mills

Chain conveyor for handling logs, Vibrating screens for separating chips, Belt conveyors in the handling and processing of logs, wood chips, hog fuel, straw, pulp, chemicals, etc. As well as for handling finished products Coal and Ash handling plants, Magnetic separators.

Port Trusts Icon

Port Trusts

Equipment for conveying, Storage and extraction of various materials, Idlers, Pulleys.